2 rows


Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
vessel_id int4 10 null
predator.vessel_id predator_vessel_id_fkeyR
sample.vessel_id sample_vessel_id_fkeyR

Numeric ID for this entry

name varchar 1024 null
vessel.t_group vessel_t_group_fkeyR

Short name used in data files / output data (in ltree notation)

t_group varchar 1024 null vessel_t_group_fkeyR

Value grouping (short name)

vessel_type_id int4 10 null
vessel_type.vessel_type_id vessel_vessel_type_id_fkeyR

Vessel type used

vessel_owner_id int4 10 null
vessel_owner.vessel_owner_id vessel_vessel_owner_id_fkeyR

Vessel owner

full_name text 2147483647 null

Full name of vessel

length float4 8,8 null

Vessel length (m)

power float4 8,8 null

Vessel engine power (KW)

tonnage float4 8,8 null

Vessel gross tonnage


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
vessel_pkey Primary key Asc vessel_id
vessel_name_key Must be unique Asc name