0 rows


Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
trip_id int4 10 null
predator.trip_id predator_trip_id_fkeyR
sample.trip_id sample_trip_id_fkeyR

Numeric ID for this entry

name varchar 1024 null
trip.t_group trip_t_group_fkeyR

Short name used in data files / output data (in ltree notation)

t_group varchar 1024 null trip_t_group_fkeyR

Value grouping (short name)

start_date timestamp 29,6 null

Date/time trip started

end_date timestamp 29,6 null

Date/time trip ended

crew int4 10 null

Number of staff on-board

oil_consumption float4 8,8 null

Amount of oil consumed as part of trip

start_port_id int4 10 null
port.port_id trip_start_port_id_fkeyR

Starting port

end_port_id int4 10 null
port.port_id trip_end_port_id_fkeyR

Finishing port


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
trip_pkey Primary key Asc trip_id
trip_name_key Must be unique Asc name